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Checkout Meals You Can Prepare With N500

Are you on a tight budget and N500 is all you have to satisfy your hunger, Apart from buying cheap food outside, there are meals you can make with N500.

* Noodles And Egg

You can make noodles and eggs with N500. A small pack of noodles is N120, if you can finish three packs, that’s N360 plus one egg of N100. You can use the remaining change to get Pepper and onion.

*Palm Oil rice

Palm Oil rice is another food you can make with N500. A cup of rice is about N170-200. Pepper and onion N150, palm oil N100 and seasoning N50. You should have salt at home. If not, maybe ask your neighbor.

* Plantain And Palm Oil

Another meal you can prepare with N500 is Plantain And Palm Oil. You can get plantain  of N400, get palm oil with the remaining money. You can also turn this into porridge, if you were able to get N300 plantain, the remaining N200 can be used to get seasoning, palm oil and pepper.

*Bread And Egg

A loaf of bread that can be able to satisfy you for breakfast, lunch or dinner should not be more than N250. One Egg for N100 and you can get onion, groundnut oil  and seasoning with the remaining N150.



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