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    Just one word right? It is a very strong word though as it is something people say is the only constant thing but is change a good thing. There are two types of change though: Positive and negative change

    Positive change or a change for the better is good: I am sure we all agree to that but how about negative change?

    How good or bad is negative change? I am sure there are folks out there who will argue that nothing good comes out of a negative thing or something that has negative in it and can they be blamed? But can we really say negative change is bad? It is retrogressive and all but bad?

    Compare negative change with stagnation and we should decide which is better and which is worse. The topic of the sermon in church yesterday was “Leaving the pool of Bethseda” and although the preacher(who managed to turn that into a sermon of tithes and offerings) did mot mention this, it floated into my head.

    Which is worse between stagnation and negative change? I don’t have an answer but stagnation creates a comfort zone and you might be contented with the condition of things so you make no changes but if things go worse, you might really be pushed to do something fast before they get out of hand. Consider a mass of rock sitting on the slope of a elevation, it might seat in it’s position for decades without moving but try pushing it upwards for a bit and then leaving it, it does not just move back to the position it once was, it will possibly keep going until it gets to the bottom of the elevation

    So maybe negative change make things worse but spur some people on a bit it is not desirable (not even to me) but being stagnant does not help us go foward except for those who are really inspired to move. 

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