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    Building And Maintaining Relationships

    Where do we go from here? How do we move foward and what’s next? 

    A friend was talking about how he has stopped trying to build a relationship with “fine” girls as mostly it is just too much stress and they all seem to be his bane. Personally, I think it is just options. A lot of attractive people have a lot of options which makes em compare what they have now hence they seem to have higher standards but those who ain’t so beautiful dont have too many options hence they make the most of every opportunity. 

    But then again, some people will try to say it is a lack of self esteem that will make you try to settle with a not to attractive person (in your view since beauty is subjective or as Deolu will say, “a social construct” even though you want the attractive ones. But is it really self esteem issues? Some people just want a quiet life devoid of troubles and the raining problems associated with chasing the woman of your dreams upandan. 

    Another problem is the whole “maintenance” thing. Seriously, headaches are gotten and freely dished out in this. You have to do what you can do to keep a girl yours financially, morally, mentally, socially sexually *shudders* etc. Seriously, why cant two adults just date without one leaning on the other? I am all for a symbiotic relationship but in a relationship that leans towards parasitism is scary and to be frank, crap. 

    Heck sometimes, being single looks like a much better option than chasing a dream relationship that is near perfect. 

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