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    Buhari Is Like Pharaoh, He’s Facing Judgement For His Wickedness – Fani-Kayode

    Buhari Is Like Pharaoh, He’s Facing Judgement For His Wickedness – Fani-Kayode

    Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has likened President Muhammadu Buhari to Bibilical Pharaoh of Egypt who was rejected by God.

    He stated this while faulting claims by the Founder of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare that Buhari can be likened to Bibilical King David.

    Fani-Kayode described Bakare’s comparison of Buhari with King David as a “grave error.”

    The Peoples Democratic Party Chieftain also admonished the acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, to manage the agitation by the Indigenous People of Biafra, “very carefully and stop trying to please or cow-tow to the cabal that have encircled him.”

    He noted that Osinbajo cannot bring Nigeria together with violence or threats of violence, but can only keep the country united by constant expression of love and regular repetition of regrets for past actions and injustices.

    In a statement he signed, Fani-Kayode said, “I have the greatest respect for Pastor Tunde Bakare and he knows how much I love him. However, he is in grave error when he compared Buhari to King David as has been reported.

    “David was an anointed servant of the living God and a member of the Kingdom of light. Buhari is not, but like Pharaoh and Herod…Buhari has been rejected by the Lord and he is suffering the judgment of God for his injustice and wickedness to others.

    “As fawning and weak as Osinbajo is, as a Southerner and a believer, he needs our support and encouragement and not subtle condemnations and discouraging words from his fellow Pastors.”

    Fani-Kayode expressed surprise that the Presidency had threatened to deal with IPOB members who, he said, were making a legitimate demand.

    He advised those in power to live with the new reality and “pray hard that these young men and women have a change of heart.”

    The former Minister said, “A man called Nnamdi Kanu and his movement called IPOB single-handedly brought the whole of the South-East of our country to a standstill with his one day stay at home order. Yet, someone in the Presidency says they don’t consider him to be a leader of thought? Clearly, the Villa curse has set in.

    “Delusion is a terrible affliction and treating those that have won the hearts and minds of millions of Igbo youth in our country with contempt and disdain will prove to be a costly mistake for the Buhari administration.”

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