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    [BREAKING] GOOD-NEWS For Nnamdi Kanu As President Bola Tinubu Receives Big- Request 3 Days After His Swearing- In

    Enugu State Governor, Dr. Peter Mbahmade an Impassioned appeal to President Bola Tinubu, urging him to release Nnamdi Kanu, the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Governor Mbah expressed his belief that Kanu’s release would accelerate the healing process that Nigeria desperately needs at this critical juncture. He further emphasized that it would serve as a symbolic gesture of extending brotherly hands of fellowship to the Igbo community.

    The governor’s appeal came during his inaugural security council meeting, where he engaged with the heads of all security agencies in Enugu State. The meeting, held at the Lion Building in Enugu, concluded with decisions aimed at promoting peace, unity, and progress in the state.Governor Mbah announced a significant development during the meeting, declaring that effective from Monday, June 6, 2023, there would be no restrictions on movement within the state.He expressed concern that such limitations hindered creativity, entrepreneurship, and productivity in Enugu. He recognized the adverse effects of enforced sit-at-home protests, particularly on Mondays, which had been disrupting normal activities and impeding economic growth.

    It was acknowledged that certain elements, often identified as hoodlums, were behind these protests, utilizing them as a means to call for Kanu’s release. However, Governor Mbah made it clear that his government was open to dialogue with individuals who held genuine grievances.He emphasized the importance of engaging in constructive conversations to foster lasting peace and security in Enugu State.Highlighting his commitment to effective governance, Governor Mbah recalled the actions he had taken since his Inauguration. On that very day, he had signed three Executive Orders aimed at promoting good governance in the state.One of the orders, Executive Order 002, specifically targeted the removal of unauthorized street barriers within 100 days. These actions were testament to the governor’s determination to deliver on the promises he made to the people of Enugu.Governor Mbah acknowledged the inherent industriousness and entrepreneurial spirit of the Igbo Deople.He noted that their DNA was wired with a remarkable sense of commerce and creativity. Consequently, he deemed it inconsistent with this heritage to stifle these attributes by observing sit- at-home protests every Monday. He emphasized that such actions were detrimental to the progress and prosperity that the Igbo people aspired to achieve.In his passionate address, Governor Mbah stated unequivocally that those imposing restrictions and enforcing strikes on Mondays did not represent the true spirit of the Igbo community. He firmly rejected the idea behind the sit-at-home protests, asserting that it ran counter to the values of industry and entrepreneurship that the Igbo people embodied.

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