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    Biafra will come


    For those thinking of 2nd civil war and prospects of seizing Igbo properties;*

    Biafra will  come just like every other peaceful  breakaway.  Aside those peaceful protesters being killed presently, there’ll be no gun shot fired over Biafras second and successful coming.

    The fact is that majority Nigerians misconceive what secession entails and are thus paranoid about it, is their cup of tea.

    The Igbos trooping up north on daily basis to live or trade doesn’t stop Igbos from having their own country, United Kingdom created 4 separate home nations and yet, england is main home to Scottish, Welsh and Irish businesses.

    The Igbos owning may be 70 % of homes, estates, plazas and hotels in lagos and abuja doesn’t stop Igbos from owning their own country. 

    After all, Jews own America and come to Israel on visa and yet they’re proudly Israelis.

    The Igbos will still sell in Kano, lagos, abuja etc markets as foreigners with their Biafran embassy issuing them passports, better dignity  & international standard protections just like Lebanese, Chinese etc that operate here. 

    The process of secession in international laws has advanced, and is no longer fight and acrimony like in 1967, so, my dear Fulani soldiers, stop spoiling for brutality and those waiting for abandoned property to seize, sorry to disappoint, but that ain’t happening.
    Igbos don’t even need political leaders to guide them to Biafra.  It is a movement and as such it is the masses that decide. 

    Check the process of the failed Scotland bid and the recent successful break up of nations across the world. They’re masses driven.

    Gordon Brown the former British  PM, and all prominent Scottish politicians, celebrities and sportsmen all campaigned for Scotland not to secede, yet, they couldn’t stop the plebiscite and Scotland nearly seceded, Britain conceded so much powers and autonomy to them, that Scotland has eaten it’s cake and still has it.  It is a country within a country.

    Therefore Igbo prominent men and  politicians will be no different and are not expected to fight for Biafra.
    Modern secession is a vote thing, and the masses carry the vote in democracy, not wealthy individuals, so, those Aba protesting masses are the ones to decide, not coscharis & Rockview owners.

    Biafra will eventually come, and it will bring with it, that illusive value and premium placed on the heads of poor Igbo traders in the north and other corners of nigeria.
    This is because, they’ll operate as expatriates with visas and a functional embassy of Biafra protecting them and taking up their grievances and forcing nigeria via international medium and laws to compensate adequately for their burnt goods or other infractions.

    The Igbo federal civil servants,  company and bank workers will transfer to the Biafran branches of same agencies, banks and firms and some logistics on pensions and savings will be worked out.

    These things are orderly and the UN have perfected the art of dividing nations.

    The Ijaw man fearing Igbo man taking his oil, should know that Igbos have oil & gas in four of their five states, plus coal etc.  The Igbo will pay internationally determined prices to use wharfs that are close to them and buy oil & gas from their neighbors, so, fear not too much. Equally, under international maritime and aviation treaties, Biafrans must be allowed to use wharfs around them and pay the prices, unless the nation in question wants sanctions and pariah.
    As most western nations have shown, it is not resources that make a country rich. As nigeria has also shown, abundance of resources don’t make rich countries.

    It is brain, grit, meritocracy, ingenuity and patriotism that advances a nation.  The Niger deltans can yet join the movement rather than sit and doubt Noah while he builds the ark.
    Anyways, the present arrangement the Niger delta has in nigeria is the worse arrangement for a resource rich area in any part of the world, and I authoritatively tell you this.

    The fact that nigeria stubbornly under Fulani influence refused to restructure will naturally break up this space. *By Sam Uche Okoro*

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