Biafra At 50: Lest We Forget

Biafra at 50: A call to remember.
We will not forget Biafran men like Mr I. S. Kogbara – Biafran Representative in London.
Mr Ralph Uwechue – Biafran Representative in France.
Prof Eni Njoku – First VC of University of Biafra
Dr Michael C. Echeruo – Director, War Informarion Bureau.
biafra flag coat of arms
Biafran Flag

We will not forget Tom Biggar Ojukwu, Chukwuemeka Ojukwu’s half brother. Who died during the war at the battle field.
We will also not forget Major (Dr) Albert Nwazu Okonkwo. Okonkwo was a Major in the Biafran Army Medical Corps. He was trained as a physician in the United States.
Okonkwo was a Military Administrator of the Mid-Western State of Nigeria in mid 1967.

Dr Okonkwo feeding malnourished Biafran children
Dr Okonkwo feeding malnourished Biafran children
We will not forget the efforts of English-born fashion model and actress, Jean Rosemary Shrimpton.
Jean Shrimpton and others saw how their country and other influential countries were keeping quiet as millions of Biafran children dies, at a time when social media was not there to help inform and draw attention, Jean started ‘Save Biafra Campaign’ by signing petition protest and organising protest to help spread the message and stop the war.
We will forever remember.

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