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    Be Wary Of Travel Agents Doing NZeTA Visas For You

    Please, this post isn’t a way to spoil business for anyone but to educate my friends and followers considering that it breaks my heart each time I see people curse travel agents. Most people that perpetuate these acts aren’t travel agents but passerby. Please read with an open mind.

    I have been seeing people advertise NZeTA visa which they say it’s a visa that authorises you to enter New Zealand. Please NZeTA visa does not authorise a Nigerian to enter New Zealand by plane. NZeTA in full means New Zealand electronic Travel Authorization. This NZeTA is an authorization visa given to people who intends to transit through New Zealand or enter New Zealand through a cruise ship. You know, for you to enter any territorial water, you need an authorization visa. That’s exactly what NZeTA visa is for. If you are passing THROUGH New Zealand, you need NZeTA.

    Can Nigerians apply for it? Yes, Nigerian passport and travel document holders are eligible to apply for the New Zealand NZeTA. They can do so ONLY IF they enter the country by ship and stay in the ship or passing through Auckland International Airport. For a Nigerian to enter the New Zealand as tourist through the airport, it is mandatory to obtain a visitor visa(which isn’t NZeTA). You can apply for this visa at the Embassy in New Zealand or at the Embassy in Nigeria or in the country where you currently reside. To travel to New Zealand through the airport as a Nigerian, you must obtain New Zealand Visa from the Embassy. New Zealand Visa isn’t the same thing as NZeTA.

    NZeTA authorization isn’t a tourist visa eligible for Nigerians cos we aren’t part of the weiver country. Weiver countries are countries that New Zealand has weived the option of applying for a visa. Just as a Nigerian visiting Seychelles. We are among the weiver country for Seychelles therefore if we wish to visit Seychelles, we do not need a visa, what we need is Seychelles authorization permit. Now, in the case of New Zealand, Nigeria isn’t eligible for NZeTA. I attached πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ the countries eligible for NZeTA. This means Nigerians can’t use it to enter New Zealand by plane.

    If you wish to arrive New Zealand by plane with NZeTA as a Nigerian citizen, You must be a citizen of a visa waiver country(which we aren’t) or you are travelling THROUGH Auckland International airport.

    In summary, before you hustle for NZeTA(it’s not New Zealand Visa) as a Nigerian citizen,
    * You must be travelling by a cruise ship
    * You must be travelling through New Zealand to your final destination not traveling to New Zealand. These are two different things. Traveling THROUGH and traveling TO.

    NO AIRLINE WILL BOARD YOU TO NEW ZEALAND AS YOU FINAL DESTINATION WITH NZeTA. Please read this again. They will only board you if you have an onward ticket indicating that you are passing through New Zealand and not staying and they will verify the visa of that final destination and request to see the paid ticket to that final destination. Transit passengers must remain in the transit area at Auckland International Airport. You are not allowed into the city except you are from any of the weiver countries (Which Nigeria isn’t one of them)

    So, as a Nigerian citizen who do not have any other citizenship, when you hear of New Zealand Visa, please ask if it’s NZeTA. If it’s NZeTA, you can only use it to enter New Zealand through a ship cruise and even at that, you are expected to leave New Zealand after 28days. If you leave your cruise and wish to fly home, or to stay on in New Zealand, you need to apply for a visa and entry permission by completing an arrival card and presenting it to an immigration officer at the port before boarding the ship.You must show evidence of your confirmable onward travel arrangements such as a flight ticket for your flight out of New Zealand.

    I don’t know how best to explain it better so we will understand it.

    I repeat, NZeTA is strictly for ship cruise but some persons issue this and also that of Australia to uninformed/ desperate clients. Please Nigeria Nationals are not eligible to New Zealand NZeTA, you can only get New Zealand sticker visa issued via the embassy (I don’t handle that)

    When you enter the NZeTA details online, you will see your details there but be ready to go on a cruise ship not to fly to New Zealand as your final destination.

    Some Nigerians have even started issuing Canada E-Visa to Nigerian citizen. Premium crying loading🀣🀣. Nigerians aren’t eligible for Canada E-Visa. If they give you the visa and you check online, you will see your details in Canada immigration system but you will not be able to board any flight to Canada with that visa. Canada E-Visa is reserved for some countries and Nigeria isn’t one of them.

    Back to New Zealand, below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ is what NZeTA looks like. Be informed. Also attached are countries eligible for NZeTA.

    Please read carefully and share so others will be informed

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