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BBTitans Housemates Have Been Given The First Wager Task

Big Brother calls Yemi into the Diary room to get a box containing a message for the housemates.

Its time for the housemates to stake a percentage of their BB coins on their wager task…and housemates have got just 10mins to come to this decision.

When BB was done giving Yemi instructions, he asked him to leave, then Yemi asked – Should I leave with the box or without the box?

BB: And how do you intend to read the contents of the box without the box?

LOL, Savage Big Brother is back!

Big Brother’s instructions were clear…

Big Brother: Take the box to your fellow housemates and read it’s contents.

Yemi : Took the box to his fellow housemates and told them to begin to deliberate on staking a percentage for their wager, without reading the content of the box.

Big Brother had to hala from above – This is Big Brother!!! Yemi Creygx, read the contents of the box to the housemates.

Oh well, its the first task of the BB Titans season, and Big Brother has asked housemates to get to know themselves and come up with a song/rap that speaks about each of the housemates.

Housemates now understand the demands of the task, and they have staked 75% of their BB coins on the wager.

A courageous decision, because this means that if they do not do well in their task, they lose 75% of their BB coins, which they require to buy food for the household next week.

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