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BBNaija: Yousef Says He Gets Jealous Easily

Today.. I listened to Yousef talk about his past relationships, with Jackie B.

Before he told her about his last relationship, he took quality time to stress the fact that he is jealous. Very Very Jealous. So Jealous. Really Really…

Me: We get it Yousef..
We get it🙄🤦‍♀️

Then he told Jackie B why he broke up with his girl friend..

He said he found it offensive that she found it so easy to talk to guys

Me: 🤷‍♂️

Me: 😒🙄😏

Me: 🤷‍♂️

I was wondering what the problem was EXACTLY.

Then he said, as far as he is concerned, by doing so, his girlfriend was actively marketing herself to Men.

Me: 😳

So he challenged her and broke everything off with her..

How I knew Jackie was as confused as I was, was when she asked?

Had she ever cheated on you?

Yousef : No.

Had you ever caught her with anyone?

Yousef: Well… No. I dont know if she…
But the relationship ended from there.
I ended it.

Me: Okay. This makes no sense but… alright.

Kayode takes us to the next scene

Yousef is sitted with Saskay.

He accuses her of neglecting him.

He says Saskay doesn’t give him attention.

She doesnt spend time with him.

He said to her that it seems she would rather be with other people than with him.

Then he said the magic word – You are making me very jealous.

Saskay looked at him in shock😳 Jealous?

He said yes…

Even as your friend..

You make me jealous as your friend…

Even if you are just my friend…

The way you act towards me makes me jealous..

Cos you always want to be with other people and not me..

It’s like you prefer their company better…

Bla bla bla bla…

I looked at Saskay.. She just weak!! Like where do I start with this one..?

Me I’m wondering… Jealous over Saskay. As what? Did you come to BB house together..


This adult Man was sounding like a 2yr old child throwing tantrums, with impunity..

E weak me…

Dear people, be safe out there….
It’s a jungle…
So many Emotionally Premature Adults.

BBNaija Yousef

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