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    Another #Hallelujahhallenge is about to start

    I have a testimony!
    I did not participate in the #HallelujahChallenge the first time, and this is what God did for me.
    God got me a new job, even when I didn’t think I needed one. Very demanding, great energy. This kind of work passion is what I live for.
    God took my kids out of one school that had possessed some kind of monitoring spirit for my online activities, to a more serene school where I am regarded as I should be – a PAYING parent – with respect and regard.
    My younger kid who lost the glow in her cheek is restored with immense joy! You see it in her eyes! That school was wrong for her. And if at all God gave me any prompting and I was too distracted to realise it… He had to make the most dramatic scene happen – He made me walk into the school at the very minute they were punishing my kid for NO reason. And then made a Neanderthal confront me with the most absurd behaviour. And God also gave me enough “fuck you” money to get them out of there like the speed of light.
    Imagine if they had to remain day students with a new job that requires my 101% attention… I’d have to let go of something I like because I have to drive kids to school every morning. What is that? Is that life? You think all of this wasn’t orchestrated by God?
    I wrote some really nice movie scripts and TV series. Two of them are being shot presently.
    I am still able to pay whatever I want in this life.
    I am in good health.
    I have a home I love to wrap myself in. Far better than my former place. I have a good neighbour who owns her own dignity.
    I eat what I like and I don’t have to cook it myself.
    I have peace – my God, I have peace!!!
    Another #Hallelujahhallenge is about to commence. I am so happy to say that I will not be participating again. I will be sleeping.
    I await God’s blessings afterwards!

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