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Amara Nwosu says Donald Trump’s extreme vetting policy would prevent Nigerian men from bringing in deceitful women as wives;Ex-hubby of relationship expertes

Francis Van-Lere is the estranged husband of the self-acclaimed relationship expert, Amara Blessing-Nwosu. Francis who appears sad about the breakup of their marriage, shared a new post on Facebook, still talking about his failed marriage. He says Donald Trump’s extreme vetting policy would help Nigerian men and women residing in the US to be wary of bringing in deceitful persons from Nigeria as husband or wife.
Read his post below

‘Sour vow from sour soup she made to me. I post all these things as community service to men and women in America importing foreigners as a wife or husband. Truth must be told no matter who as a lot of men have lost their assets to deceitful women . This is the menace Donald Trump wants to stop with his ‘extreme vetting policy ‘.
Do not be deceived by sweet words or bible posts.

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