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    Amaka Is The Most Manipulative And Dishonest Character In Afamefuna

    And before we finally navigate away from Afamefuna, let us not forget to give the most devious, manipulative and dishonest human in the movie their flowers.


    These are for you!

    Tufiakwa in woman form.

    Amaka did what was popularly known as playing both ends against the middle, or “do not let your boyfriend stop you from meeting your husband” in the most deviously manipulative manner.

    She never loved Afamefuna. Probably doesn’t even love him, just used him as an umbrella to cover her shame.

    And let us not talk about “she didn’t know”. Lol. She knew. She over knew sef.

    This woman got up from the bed with Paulo, and went STRAIGHT to seduce Afam whom she has always known had a crush on her.

    She had just had the “what are we” conversation, and he had given her the “we are pencils in the hands of the creator” comeback then went ahead to deny her the same way Peter denied Jesus – in her very before.  

    Right there and then, she came up with the bright idea to move straight to Afam’s house and go and finish the work because of should in case of incasity.


    Let us tell ourselves Biko.

    What sort of woman rises up from the bed and that same day, that same night, within the same hour… appears at another man’s door ready for entrapment?

    She was very calculating. She knew she was Paulo’s cash cow, but Afamefuna was the game changer. He was Mr. Money himself. She made an instant decision that was probably borne out of a need to keep supporting her boyfriend with her husband’s money since her father had found her out and was probably now keeping a closer watch on his money when she was around.

    Amaka would consistently flirt with Afam, then turn around and flirt with Paulo.

    She was consistent in that one thing.

    The day her father brought up the issue of marriage in his discussion with Afam right in her hearing; she was there blushing and acting bashful; so who was that that ended up in bed with Paulo playing ludo? Me? Or you?

    Very despicable character.

    And let me tell you all, there is no love story anywhere. She KNEW that Paulo was the father of Lotanna. She knew.

    She was also probably still giving Paulo on the side which was one reason why he could denigrate and disrespect her in the very face of the man who chose to honor her – as undeserving as she is.

    Amaka is for the streets.

    I would have said she doesn’t deserve Afam, but even Afam himself is a timid, rural em you em you that happened upon money.

    I am 100% sure he was only enamored of Amaka because she was yellow. Igbo men and yellow women – stronger together.

    That is why organic cream sellers are cleaning out in Nigeria, so that my brethren will continue to fund umu nwa with one complexion from head to toe and all of whom are properly Esther-bleached.

    In short, let me just stop here if not with the level of annoyance against Amaka that I feel now, stray mgbor go touch everyone.

    Everybody must collect!

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