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    Air Peace Is Not Giving People Peace Anymore

    This past week I had a nightmare with the same Air Peace ..

    7am flight from abuja to port Harcourt was delayed repeatedly till 8pm.

    I was to work there from Monday and leave on Thursday morning originally so since I lost Monday I opted to reschedule my return flight from 8am to 3.30 pm. They charged me 24000 naira for this and I paid.

    Only for me to recieve a message on Wednesday night that the flight I paid 24k to reschedule to 3.30 so that I can visit a few clients before leaving had been moved forward to 12.30..

    What this means is that I had to just shuffle to the airport and I lost the essence of my 24k and while there at the airport we still didn’t move till 1.30 or so…in all of this they took zero responsibility..just kept collecting money.

    I do agree airpeace needs to be stopped.

    Something urgently needs to be done about Airpeace. It is not enough to say you will not fly Airpeace again.

    That is not the solution. They have staff that needs to be protected. They just need to be FORCED (not persuaded) to do the needful!!!

    They are not giving people PEACE!!!

    A friend told me of how he arranged a chartered vehicle for his children from a University in Ondo State to Akure so that they can fly to Abuja. After waiting for 6 hours, the flight was cancelled. He had to charter another vehicle to take them to Lagos, paid for accommodation for them to now leave with another airline to Abuja the following day.

    A woman with a baby was going to Port Harcourt on Saturday last week. When the flight was cancelled, she did not have enough to pay for taxi to take her back to town, so she slept at the airport WITH HER LiTTLE BABY!!!

    Nobody from Airpeace bothered to tell her to reschedule for the next day. So when it was time to board the next day, Sunday, she went to the Airpeace stand with her boarding pass and was told she could not join the flight as it was already full.

    It was then she was rescheduled to fly on Monday, so she slept at the airport on Sunday again WITH HER LiTTLE BABY!!!

    I could not hold back tears when I saw her on Monday and heard her story.


    Right now Airpeace is expanding to cover other routes – to EXPAND the trauma that people are going through.

    It is sad. Very sad. Very sad indeed

    We must do something to stop Airpeace from depriving us of PEACE!!!!


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