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    Advice To Men That Lodge Women In Hotels

    The Ibadan instagram vendor that died in a hotel was lodged by a man.

    The man checked out of the hotel early in the morning and went to his house only to be receiving calls from the hotel that the babe he left back at the hotel has died.

    In fact, when the hotel staff discovered the babe in the room beyond check out hours, she was still alive but died on the way to the hospital.

    When the man was informed, he immediately submitted himself to police willingly.


    I cannot ask you to stop carrying women because una no go hear but please, if you lodge a woman at a hotel, please make sure as you’re checking out, she’s also checking out with you. If she wants to stay an extra night, take her to a totally different hotel and give her the money to pay for herself and go your way.

    If she’s the one that booked the hotel and you went to meet her, if you’re leaving before her, make sure she walks you down to the reception at least.

    Let there be at least one witness who saw her see you at the reception so at least you’ll have a good alibi if anything unfortunate happens.

    It’s not by sharp guy oh. If you leave a babe at the hotel and something happens to her whether you know anything about it or not, you will dance to the music and it’s these little things I mentioned above that will determine whether you’ll spend 1 month in prison during investigation where you’ll be cleared because of your alibi or life in prison for murder.

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