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6 Reasons Why Second Child Is Usually Stubborn

When first child are born, everything is new and exciting but that changes after the second baby is born. Most parents are used to the rigours of raising a child by that time and in a situation where parents show preferential treatment for first child, the second child will exhibit second child syndrome.

Below are signs and symptoms of second child syndrome:

1. Jealousy

The second child may become envious and have self low Esteem as a result of people comparing him/her to the older sibling.

2. Sibling Rivalry 

A constant comparison may cause siblings to hate one another. Even though siblings are meant to love one another, they may find themselves in constant competition.

3. Negativity

According to research, some second child have alot of repressed rage and hostility. It frequently manifest as sarcastic reactions to event  that happens at home.

4. Disinterest

Your second child thinks you prefer the first to them or that you have enough time for them. They will act like they don’t care and won’t appreciate your love for them.

5. Low Esteem

When a person develop into an introvert or an extrovert depends on their self esteem. Introvert may develop low Esteem as a result of their parents neglect. In some cases, they may have anger issues and prone to tantrums.

6. Lack of ambition

Some second child feels that there’s no used of arriving for greatness because they parents will disregard any of their accomplishments in comparison to what the first child has achieved.

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