2017 GTB Fashion Weekend Dansea Myricks Is Coming(photos)

Danessa Myricks is a professional makeup Artist, Photographer and Creative Cosmetic Expert best known for her eponymous brand, Danessa Myricks Beauty. She coming with stunning and sexy look.
Forced to look elsewhere due to corporate downsizing, Danessa turned her love for makeup into a career that has seen her create a global beauty blend of professional insight and wearable cosmetics available to every makeup devotee on the planet.
Danessa has also created robust educational resources to help others learn how to successfully start a career in makeup and build a successful business. She has authored bestselling books on contour, highlight and color for makeup artists, whilst producing seminars globally featuring her best techniques.
On the 11th and 12th of November 2017, Danessa Myricks will be at the GTBank Fashion Weekend where she will treat guests to an exciting Master Class on how to create a thriving brand.
To register for her masterclass click here.

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