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    10 Things Telegram Can Do That WhatsApp Cannot


    This is not a post to argue whether you prefer Whatsapp to Telegram or which one has more users.


    This is a post to teach and explain why your small business may leverage Telegram features to grow.

    Just like Whatsapp, Telegram is a messaging app.
    But far more robust in features.

    Coaches, experts and professionals love to use Telegram to run their businesses, especially to build powerful communities.

    Here are 10 things Telegram can do that Whatsapp cannot do, which makes us use it for our business.

    1. View chat history – New people can view chats that were typed before they joined the group. New people who join a Whatsapp group chat do not see anything.

    You can teach an entire class in a Telegram group and sell it for 2 years. People keep joining at any time.

    2. Go live – You can teach a 3 hour class in a Telegram group, record it and share it to the group. It could be both video and audio or audio only.

    3.Form a thread – In a Telegram Channel, all responses to a post stay under the post in a thread form. Makes it very organized.

    4. Restricted Content Sharing – You can disallow screenshots, downloads, forwarding and sharing. Every content in your Telegram group stays only within that group.

    5. Unlimited number of people in a group – While Whatsapp recently increased to 1000+, Telegram gurus like FunkyCollection has a group of over 103k and John Obidi has groups of over 17k

    6. Massive file size storage – You can load heavy files into Telegram. It can nicely take them. Even has something called saved messages where you can save files. You can upgrade for more space at 900 Naira a month

    7. Extensive Statistics Reporting – you can see graphs and numbers of joiners, leavers, mutes, and growth of your Telegram group. You can even see the number of people who saw each post

    8. Hundreds of emojis- Telegram emoji are in hundreds oh. I cannot count

    9. Groups can be arranged in subtopics. You can create a Telegram group for teaching maybe tailoring. Then you have subtopics for shirt making, dresss making, beading etc

    10. Chats can be edited after posting. You can easily correct grammar or spelling errors, even after posting

    If like me, you like large numbers of leads and sales, running into thousands, and you want to easily manage everything in one place, you may want to explore Telegram as a community building tool.

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