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Your Business Idea Does Not Have To Be Posh Before Working Out

  • Business Ideas
  • Willingness to put in work
  • The challenges of having greedy hearts.

I was in Nigeria in 2016, and l saw something intriguing and beautiful.

Most of you know Achicha (dried cocoyam); l bought it and want to break it in Nigeria because l might not have time to do it in Europe

I went to the engine guys inside the market, and when l got there, we were in the queue. Before my turn, I noticed the boss had collected over #20k as we stood there.

He had wet and dry areas; my case differed because he claimed nobody had brought Achicha for breaking. I told him that l would teach him how to break it.

I taught them how to lose crushed teeth as l don’t want them pulverized, we got the gauge l want, and they did the job. He told me the price and l paid.

There are about 8 to 12 engines in the shop but—a water butter (as we call it in Enugu). I made a mental note about how much everything might cost.

The engines were the most expensive – I quickly asked him how much and he told me. I think it was #35k. He said then.

I said in mind that someone could run this with #200k

There is a guy l know from University, and his wife is not really, or I would say not fashionable to work naturally. Yes, some women want to sit at home and be taken care of. However, she needs to start working because of her husband’s condition.

When my friend and his wife visited me, l asked him how much he had for his wife’s business. He said #250k

I explained the business to his wife, highlighting how it is a daily necessity business idea.

The wife refused and said she wanted to sell the boutique she had in mind. I asked him to give her the money, and everyone was happy.

In 2018, the guy called me to say he had #150k he got from selling land as an agent. He asked whether the #150k can do the business I proposed before, and l said yes, even if it is two engines, it is better.

The business has been almost five years, and you would never believe how much he takes home daily.

His wife is back at home and sitting idly. The clothing business did not work out as planned, and she wanted to start coming to the engine shop now someone had built it up.

This is sad and mostly what is happening to most women l know.

If it is not posh or business running into millions, most of you will continue begging for food money than do it.

Any business our daily lives depends on is LUCRATIVE!

No matter how unposh it is – there is money in it.

LASU started a bakery to generate funds, and you should know why.

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