Young Duu Is Shining With Portable’s Negative Publicity

Let me talk about negative publicity, here’s Young Duu, a 20 years old emerging street pop artist who was signed to Zeh Nation record label owned by Portable.

He’s tried for years and couldn’t get a hit song despite all Portable had invested in his growth.

So Portable walked him out of his record label and began a negative campaign against him. How he bought him a car of 3 million naira to package him as an artiste but all he does with it is “carry hook up girls” he looks too young innocent for that though, and how he could only get shows where he’s 70k.
Well, that he lacked focus in general and a failure.

But Portable continuous dragging over the days caught attention and people began to be curious about who’s even YoungDuu and what does he sing,

His songs began to gain the attention it never had and I must say he may be corrupted psychologically by extremely hazardous street orientation and life in ungoverned spaces and the ghetto, but he sure can sing despite his croaky voice!

Then Olamide gave him a shout out and then Carter Efe offered has taken him under his wings and grooming him as an artiste.

Infact the offers are pouring in from major record labels and now Portable is begging him to come back to him or at least pick his calls. But wetin he want tell am?

Young Duu finally found voice began to talk about the humiliation he suffered under Portable, from flogging him sometimes like a mechanic apprentice, turning him into a cleaner and his car washer and making him serve as attendant in his bar! I tend to believe him because I it sounds like what Portable would do!

YoungDuu said he Portable never bought him a car, rather let’s him drive one of his cars to events for “appearance” which I believe.
Reference to Naira Marley and Zeenolisky and the car and houses bought under Marlian records which he can continue to use so long as he stays.

Then Portable being his normal unhinged and unbalanced self began to issue salient threats to Young Duu by describing Mohbad as betrayer of his boss and that’s what got him killed bla bla bla!

But it’s too little too late as Young Duu has enough connection now to look after him and so has called his bluff!

I hope Young Duu succeeds!

But what am I saying, sometimes the dirt they throw at you, could be used to build a solid platform. But you need some luck like Young Duu

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