You’ll remain poor for live – OPM General Overseer comfortably places a curse on Happie Boys for allegedly being ungrateful after promising to sponsor their study in Cyprus

Omega Power Ministries General Overseer, Apostle Chibuzor Gift Ugochinyere has allegedly placed a curse on Happie Boys for allegedly being ungrateful after he promised to sponsor their education in Cyprus.

OPM founder, Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere had promised to take care of the upkeep of the boys who became internet sensations after being sacked for dancing at a restaurant they previously worked at in Nigeria.

The boys had gone public to seek for help, while alleging that the cleric had reneged on his promise to sponsor their education. They claimed he took care of them for 6 months after arriving Cyprus and asked them to wait for another 6 months as he was having some challenges. They alleged that they are still yet to get help after the 6 months.

They further claimed that some of those on same scholarship have dropped out, while others from rich families have continued.

The boys who are claiming that they’ve never spoken ill of Apostle Chinyere, alleged that someone screen-recorded a live session they had and sent to the cleric who got infuriated and accused them of trying to disgrace him.

In the voice note he allegedly sent to them, the male voice which they claim belongs to the cleric, prayed that they will remain poor in their lives and never amount to anything. The male voice also prayed that they will be pushed into selling even the clothes they wear to make ends meet.

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