You Shouldn’t Buy These MacBooks If You Doing Heavy Computing Work

I stand to be corrected, but from observation and what I was told by someone who sells and configures Macbooks, if you’re a programmer or you plan to do very heavy stuff with your Macbook, I won’t advice you to buy the following years of Macbook –

Macbook Pro 2015 – 2018

They work, but using them for long hours on work can be very risky. If you have to buy them, keep a standby PC on the side, because the chances that the Macbook will decide to not turn on one morning are very high.

Macbook GPUs are pretty weak. They are not as powerful as the kind of Graphics Processors coupled into the motherboards of Dell and HP.

One thing their GPUs don’t like is pressure. Pressure and heavy use breaks it easily. I can say this from observation. This year alone I dun come across three people whose Macbooks just suddenly refused to turn on.

The reason is simple, these Macbooks use intel processors that don’t really fit into Apple’s elegant design. Apple PC designs are tight, air-fitted and compact and Intel hasn’t been able to produce chips for such.

So I will advice, if you want to code, go buy windows.

But if you insist on using a Macbook, try buy new Macbooks with Apple Chip. The Apple Chip is Apple’s own answer to the Intel problem.

If your money no reach, please buy 2012, 2011 Macbook pros. Those models are very strong and they have powerful cooling fans.

If you still wan buy 2017 or 2016 0r 2018, keep small money for hand to buy new system when it fails. Don’t bother fixing it. You go just dey play. Or just buy windows, the alternate am.

If you’re buying a 2019, get the core i9 version. It’s more powerful, efficient and strong too.

Note this doesn’t apply to people using their Macbooks to do copywriting, assignments and stream movies.

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