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You Should Use Referrals For Your Business Growth


Pay attention to how often this question is popping up in your conversations.

People are getting lazier by the day.
Others are getting even more busy

The result is that a lot of people need stuff done for them. They want to save time and conserve energy

“Who will write my thesis for me?”

“Who will help me shop groceries?”

“Who can come over to help me clean twice weekly?”

“Who can help me grow my social media?”

You have a skill

Even if it’s not exciting…

You can be paid handsomely to render Done-For-You services

Come closer…

Did you know that psychologically speaking… it is easier to sell Done-For-You offers than it is to sell Do-It-Yourself offers?

Not just that…

People will pay more to have stuff done for them than they would to get your solution.

This is because buyers don’t want more work

It’s called SLOTH (Laziness)

People will jump on an offer to get in shape using dieting and light exercises they can do at home than an offer that requires them to go to the gym

People will prefer to put their monies somewhere and take dividends than start a business.

Even if you offer Do-It-Yourself or Done-With-You solutions…

You must pay attention to the difficulty level and reduce the workload your prospects perceive.

More does NOT always communicate more value.

Throwing in scores of bonuses that feel like more work is NOT going to get you more sales…

At least not from an informed buyer!

Your core offer and bonuses should feel like catalysts or shortcuts.

Don’t send people to read long sales pages if the entire offer can be explained in a short video.

Stop building offers with you as the avatar.
You are NOT your customer!

You may have a good reading habit…
But your buyers may not.

You may have a good attention span.
But your buyers may prefer to watch shorter videos.

The level of work your buyer perceives in your solution is an important factor in their decision making

Make it easier to buy from you!

How can you integrate this into your marketing?
Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

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