You Should Not Pay Tithes

David Dagbo said: God does not ever receive your tithes.
How does the money go to heaven? Does heaven have WesternUnion or MoneyGram or bank transfer?
Your tithes ends up with the pastor. Of which he uses for whatever he deems fit.
If tithes equates to blessings and riches…. 90% of the Christians today would have been comfortable.
But the reverse is the case, as most of them are jobless, sick, poor, trekking etc
If tithes was so important, Jesus would have preached about it.
Rather he said… Seek 1st the kingdom of God, and other things… (Blessings, riches, wealth, happiness etc) would be added unto you.
Jesus didn’t say, pay your tithes so God would bless you.
Malachi is an old testament Jewish doctrine, used by todays Nigerian pastors for selfish purposed…. Eg source of getting private jets etc.
Should Christians rather obey the words of Malachi of the Old Testament or that of Jesus of the New Testament???
Remember, when you pay tithes and offering, the money doesn’t go to any God.
The money goes straight to the purse of the pastors.
Who use same to buy private jets, expensive cars, live a good life, travel around the world.
While you live in poverty. Expecting a miracle or blessing in heaven. The pastor is busy enjoying same here on earth.
Continue paying tithes you hear?
Maga must pay, pastor must fly private jet.

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