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    Yahaya Bello Proves That Youth Does Not Confer Good Governance

    In all these Yahaya Bello dramas, let’s not forget that Yahaya Bello was 40 years old when he became the governor of Kogo State.

    At one point, he was the youngest governor in Nigeria.

    He is currently 48 years old and sees what a terrible governor he was.

    He was the first governor in history to give life scholarships to his kids while he was still alive.

    When people suggest that being young is the silver bullet that will fix Nigeria, always keep this in mind.

    Being young or old does not confer competence.

    Young or old age does not confer wisdom as well.

    Obasanjo has been our best president since the return of democracy.

    He was old when he became president, but he delivered and grew the economy.

    The person who sabi, sabi.

    Young age or old age has nothing to do with it.

    Yahaya Bello

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