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Why’s Kizz Daniel Destroying His Career?

Yes, I love Kizz Daniel, I have written many good things about him in this past, trying to hide an aspect of him that’s very very bad even when some friends wanted to point it out on such posts, I ignored for benefit of doubt.

Kizz Daniel is known for breaching of contracts.

I took a day to study the rumour and allegation on how the record label that picked him out of trenches— G-World Entertainment treated him badly. But from my study, it was actually Kizz Daniel who faulted and breached the contract.

You remember those his old songs he always mentioned Emperor Geez. Emperor Geez was the owner of the record label. He picked him from Ogun State in his humble begining. Of course Obi cannot remain a boy forever. Kizz Daniel doesn’t listen.

Sugarboy and co would feature him back then, but it was recorded he refused featuring them too in that old record label. From the research carried out by Pulse, you can look it up.

Let me not go into details of what happened in that record label where everyone felt Kizz Daniel was being frustrated. No. He didn’t follow the agreement.

There are many cases of shows Kizz Daniel was paid for and he absconded. He is known for this, that is why it’s not new to me about what happened in Tanzania recently.

He did it in America too. My friend was part of the organizers of the show. Dude didn’t show up, but collected money for it. No tangible excuse.

It’s not the fact that Kizz Daniel is underrated as we assume, but his attitudes are taking him to place he doesn’t know. He should have been bigger than he is now. Raw talent. Good in all ramifications but agreement…

If you know you cannot attend any show, why signing a deal? Why collecting their money?

With this attitude, there will be a time people will avoid involving him in their shows, you know what it means.

Nobody is a star forever. There are other beautiful artistes sprouting daily.

This is not the first time Kizz Daniel is doing this. It’s part of him. He is not good with agreement and it’s very bad.

He has been doing this. It’s not good at all for him.

I paused.

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