Why’s Kcee Damaging His Brand?

I took time to watch that kcee’s video and I became even more embarrassed on behalf of those defending him.

Here are a few posers I would love kcee defenders to help me address:

Why did the Limpopo crooner REPORTEDLY arrest Ojazzy Igbonile and Igwe Credo Mbem before rushing online to make that video last night, threatening to sue them? What is the connection between suing someone to court over a civil matter and using Nigeria Police Force to arrest and detain that person especially in a country like Nigeria where the police is wired to do the bidding of the rich?

How does a whole registered music company (five star music) regarded as a corporate citizen under the law, agree to take two young boys originally invited to perform at a birthday, to the studio to record a song for COMMERCIAL PURPOSE without any signed agreement clearly specifying their role, rights as well as obligations including whether they are being paid, what the payment is, whether it is a one-off payment etc??? THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION PEOPLE ARE NOT ASKING. As a music brand, the duty of making sure that this was done before the recording rests more on kcee than Ojazzy and Credo and believe me, contrary to what many Nigerians may believe, a business brand that fails to get such paper works done, stands to lose more IF the matter gets to court.

How does a whole kcee feel comfortable brandishing bank receipts totaling LESS THAN N1.3 million as what he spent on both FLIGHT, ACCOMODATION AND FEEDING for two artists he brought from Anambra to Lagos to perform FIRST FOR HIS BROTHER BEFORE RECORDING A SONG WITH THEM??

Those receipts of 200k and 300k, why were the REASONS for the payment not stated on them????? When he said he sent the money to Igwe Credo to TAKE CARE of Ojazzy, what exactly does he mean? ‘Take care’ as in buy him biscuit or bobo or agbado or what exactly? Was the money for hotel bill? Was it for flight or was it PROFESSIONAL FEE?? Kcee tried so hard to make people believe he sent good money to Igwe Credo and that it was Credo that ripped off Ojazzy. My question is, HOW MUCH DID YOU SEND SPECIFICALLY to Credo and what were the funds for?

A music label executive should be dealing with specifics while making video on a serious matter such as this, not unnecessary obfuscation. Without specifics which were lacking in that video, I wonder what the purpose was. How can a PROFESSIONAL artist be saying ‘I sent him so so and so “TO TAKE CARE OF OJAZZY’? You be im mama? If na for transport, talk am. If na feeding, talk am. If na their professional payment, talk am. This is how you bring clarity to something.

Those of you claiming kcee paid them what was agreed, HOW DO YOU KNOW what was agreed? Did any of the receipts specify what the payment is for?? Was anything signed?

I read people blaming Credo for refusing to go back to Lagos to sign the paper work and I wonder, does he not have a right to refuse signing what he feels is not in his best interest and that of his boy? Credo may not be so sophisticated, academically, and like I said before, he lacks the competence to manage anyone but he is actually not a m0r0n.

As for Deacon_Famous, JPAC Chief of Staff, Lord Zeus 101 etc who have been gloating since last night, my unsolicited advice is, make una take am easy in this desperation for “alignment” with Kcee when you should be balanced in your intervention. Mmadu aburokwanu Chukwu. Rising and falling of any man, artist or not, is in God’s hand.

In one breath, some of una say Ojazzy was hired merely as an ordinary instrumentalist without any signed paper work and that he should move on (which he has done. he has just released a song with Techno), in another breath, una dey threaten to sue him for using that same instrument of his to work with another person. You approbate and still reprobate at the same time. The same you.

Kcee needs to understand that he can win in the court of law and at the police station, after all, we all know justice in our court and at the police station is to the highest bidder, but he can never win in the court of public opinion. Use that money you want to waste in police and court and settle these guys who gave you a song that hit 12 million views on Youtube in 4 months, making it the biggest hit in your entire music career. BY DOING THIS, YOU LOSE NOTHING BUT GAIN EVERTHING.

Lastly, it is indeed a curious irony, is it not, that the kcee we all know is now threatening to sue someone for using his song???? The same Kcee?? E no shock una?

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