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    Why Your Eggs Explodes In The Microwave

    Did you know?

    If you microwave an egg (with shell or without shell) ; it will explode—Well, I am sure many of us know this.

    However, the reason why it explodes, some of us may not know. So this is it!

    There is water inside every egg and when you cook them or boil them or heat them up to a certain point, the water turns into steam, and this steam because of the enclose surface of the egg doesn’t have an easy way to escape. So, reaching a point that it can no longer be accommodated, it then force itself out of the egg, by exploding. This doesn’t only happen in the microwave though. It happens also when you are trying to cook rice and then you add eggs inside the boiling rice. And later, you see an egg or two already bursted.
    1. Those bursted eggs are the ones that most sat at the bottom of your pot and had receive more heat while those that are just okay, are the ones that received lesser heat.

    2. Also, you need to understand that the longest an egg should use on your gas cooker is 5/10 minutes max.

    This last picture is an injury caused by egg explosion from a microwave. Egg explosion can be dangerous!

    So be guided.

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