Why Was ChatGPT Creator Fired?

Yesterday, the CEO of Open AI , creator of ChatGPT was fired by a board of directors that included the likes of Quora CEO – Adam D’Angelo.

We are still in shock.

The last person it happened to was Steve Jobs.

But here is my answer to the question of why he was fired – Ambition.

The guy ambition just too much. Elon Musk was shouting this thing at the beginning of the year. He kept yelling that the way Open AI was moving, wasn’t the reason it was created in the first place.

People thought he was just a disgruntled man child who was angry he wasn’t part of the project. Now we can all see what could have been the main reason he left.

Open AI wasn’t created to compete and swallow up other companies. It wasn’t created to make a deep hole in silicon valley or send companies scrambling.

It was created to innovate and supply AI manpower.

I’ve read hot takes from people within Open AI and hope who knew Sam and few things stand out –

He’s smart, not really a genius or that creative (based on people who have worked with him), futuristic to an almost delusional level, lacking in emotions and communication.

He no dey hear word, he no dey carry people along.

The board released a statement and stated their reasons, they had lost confidence in him because a review process revealed he had taken a lot of critical decisions and didn’t carry people along.

Some months ago, when the guy came to Africa to do that rubbish crypto project , I saw through the bullshit and I knew the guy was just a power greedy tech bro.

Anyway, we thank him for giving us ChatGPT, but make e shift abeg, he’s already beginning to spoil what he built.

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