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Why Rich Nigerians Living In Nigeria Hire Foreign Help

A friend sent me a screenshot of a post about rich Nigerians hiring foreigners as domestic staff. And people on the post were asking why they insist on foreigners only. And why they’d pay them that much and not their fellow Nigerians.

I 100% understand and even support wealthy Nigerians who can afford it, getting foreign staff.

Let me tell you, if you’re a really wealthy Nigerian and you value your privacy, the best thing you can do for yourself is get foreign domestic staff.

Your PA, stylist, driver, etc can be Nigerians. But the people who work for you in the same house doing informal jobs like cleaning and entering your bedroom, you have to take that one very seriously.

A domestic staff is privy to all the secret dealings that happen in the house. Dem sabi everything wey oga/madam dey do. And they will talk. Even if they sign NDAs

The problem is that Nigerian domestic staff major in see finish. They don’t understand privacy. Especially if you’re a celeb.

Where do you think blogs like Gistlover get their amebo from? No be only friends of celebs o. Their staff. Cleaners, gate man, chefs, gardeners, etc

Even if the staff doesn’t go directly to Gistlover, s/he fit tell a friend that will tell a friend that will tell someone that knows a blogger.

Whereas if they hire a foreigner, the chances of this ever happening is extremely low or zero.

Remember when Gistlover posted about Genevive’s alleged health issues. That info was given to Gistlover by a Nigerian nurse abroad who happened to work in the same hospital that Genevive allegedly checked into.
Gistlover posted the screenshot. The stewpid nurse’s name was even showing in that screenshot as Gistlover no cover am. She was giving out details including the state, the hospital name, etc. E remain make she add Genevive’s room number or snap her folder.

This madam nurse saw Genevive, recognised her, and ran kpurukpuru to Gistlover ozugbo.
Even if she didn’t go straight to Gistlover, she’d have told someone who’d tell someone till e leak.

If that hospital had no Nigerian staff, it probably wouldn’t have leaked. Cos nobody there go send her. She’d be treated like a normal patient.

Nigerians can’t help themselves once they know something about a celeb. Like that time a photographer took birthday pictures of Tonto and her son. Immediately they had an issue, he ran to social media to talk about how Tonto’s son wasn’t well-behaved. How he was shouting and throwing tantrums. How he was a spoilt child breaking things and how Tonto was a bad mother for indulging him.
The issue was about tagging asikwa, payment asiro. How did her son’s gist enter?

Even Bobrisky and her former PA who lived in the same house with her. The lady talk and talk sotey…

See ehn, I don’t blame celebs that go for foreign staff. At least even if the foreigner gossips, she is gossiping with her fellow foreigner. That is if she has any circle sef.

This is not to say our people don’t make good domestic staff and shouldn’t be paid well. They do. But I’m sure these rich people have been bitten one too many times and are not willing to take chances anymore.

I personally think when it comes to rich people, Nigerian domestic staff are better suited for foreign expats living in Nigeria. Believe me when I say a Nigerian domestic staff will respect an oyibo expat 5000 times than she respects Genevive. Even if Genevive pays more.

Our people have this higher level of respect and regard for oyibos. But for their fellow countryman, see finish will definitely enter.

If oyibo shout give am, e go understand.
If Genevive shout give am, Genevive is wikid to her staff and treats them like they are not humans. Iyeme o, o iyeme…

If dem no want drama or long talk and most importantly, if they want privacy, oyibo domestic staff is the way for those that can afford it.
It’s the same way that some people would rather hire househelps from agencies or from recommendation than from Facebook. Cos the day una go get issue or you fire am, the househelp will come on Facebook and use style and sub you. Plus the unnecessary see finish.

Peace of mind over patriotism abeg.

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