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Why Kanye Is Being Cancelled For Antisemitic Views

I love that organisations are dropping Kanye left, right and centre for his antisemitic views.
Adidas, Gap, Balenciaga, even Def Jam.

Corporate businesses that used to be in business with him can’t distance themselves enough from him because he went on a hate-filled rant against Jews.
Others that aren’t his business partners are distancing themselves from him. The fashion world, Vogue, etc.

But get this. Kanye has said vile things too against black people. “Slavery is a choice, white lives matter, racism is dead, etc”
Why wasn’t he cancelled? Why didn’t these organisations distance themselves then?

You might say it’s cos they don’t rate black people but that’s not it.

Let me explain.

Kanye is black. Despite his hate-filled rants against black people, black people still continue to stan him. They refused to cancel him. They indulge(d) him the way a woman with only one son overindulges and spoils her son.

Even up till now, they are still stanning him and praising him for “breaking free of illuminati”. Go to black pages like TSR and see how despite everything, black people are still worshipping this man.

On a norm, his rants against black people are supposed to draw outrage but they drew adulation. Black people keep saying stuff like “you don’t understand what he’s trying to see, open your eyes, think deep”. Making excuses for his hate-filled rants.

Jews run corporate America. They are at the helm of affairs at most corporations Kanye is affiliated with. So why didn’t they cancel him then?
As outraged as they probably were by his anti-black statements, they couldn’t cancel him because the black people he spoke against clearly continued to support him.
If they had cancelled him or withdrawn their support or ended their contract, black people would have lashed out at them for being racist. For cancelling a black man for speaking out. For taking away his freedom of speech. Blablabla.

No matter how well you mean, you can’t cry more than the bereaved. So they kept quiet and watched him spew racist shxt for years and continued doing business with him.

Till this month when he opened his mouth waaaa and turned his hate hose to Jews. And bam! They started dropping him one by one. It is one thing to say hateful things about your own people who will stan you regardless.
But saying it to another sect is a different thing entirely.

Immediately they started cancelling him, black people started saying “why didn’t they cancel him when he said those things about black people? Why did they only react till he said it about Jews?”

Well, because you guys didn’t cancel him! You supported all through! Bought his albums, his shoes, his clothes, watched his documentaries, attended his church, enrolled your kids into his cult school, practically worshipped a man who continued to spew hateful and shameful things about you!

How then do you expect white people to be outraged about his insults against you when you are ok with it? When you continued to support him and make excuses for him?

Let’s not forget, black people have no corporate power. That you know one or two black CEOs doesn’t mean black people have corporate power. How many corporate organisations altogether are headed by black people?
How many black people sit as board of trustees in Fortune 500 companies. Where it matters in the business world, how many of the leaders who can take executive decisions are black? Out of say 10,000 how many are black? 5? As opposed to 9990 yts/Jews? Yea, that’s not corporate power.

Balenciaga, Adidas, Gap, Vogue, etc that dropped Kanye are not headed by black people. So even if you’re a black person and you feel outraged, you can’t cancel him from the top. It’s yts/Jews that hold that kind of power. And they can’t cancel him when the black community he offended continues to support and embrace him.
They can only cancel him when he comes for them. And he did, so they did.

The takeaway from this is:
1. Nobody can fight your battles for you. Don’t expect outsiders to cry more than the bereaved when you, the bereaved no cry.

2. Power is important. Kanye has been making antiblack statements since 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, even last week. Nothing happened. The black people he was attacking have no power. They have money, culture, some influence, but ultimately lack corporate power. They could do nothing but cheer him on for years.
But just a week ago when he made antisemitic remarks on several platforms, Jews have dumped him everywhere. He has been effectively cancelled in corporate America. All these back to back cancellations and droppings happened in less than 2 weeks.

Remember, Kanye is a billionaire yet they effectively cancelled him in corporate America.

Power is important. And in a lot of cases, power trumps money.
Which is why I’ll keep saying that we need more women in positions of power. It is not enough to make money or have influence. That change we want, it can only be gotten through power.
Only power, not money, can cripple some institutions.

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