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Why I’m Never Opening The Fridge In My Hotel Room Again

So, I opened the fridge in my hotel room and saw the fridge richly packed.

Wow! This hotel is the real thing, they really know how to take care of their guests. Oh! This is the reason for the exorbitant bill? well, i think it’s worth it..

Because I wasn’t in for too much alcohol, I first reached out for the Baileys to calm my nerves. See pringles! I love it 🥰 I opened that one as I combined it with my Baileys. Sweet sontin, you can try it.

About 10pm, just before I retired to bed for the night, I had the Orijin bitters, blended with Lucozade boost to enable me sleep properly. Another sweet combo, try it.

I woke up by 4am to pee and found myself again in the fridge. This time around, I needed something that will make me go back to sleep so I picked the shortbread with one can sprite to flush it down, Omo oo! Another combo you should try out.

It seemed to me like I understood all the combo as was carefully selected by the hotel managements.

I woke up around 9am and had to quickly get ready for my appointment as I had to check out from the hotel as well.

I had my bath, i arranged my bag, dressed up and as I was about leaving the room, I opened the fridge again and there was this chilled mini BEST creamy sontin, I picked that as I sipped it gradually to the reception to submit their card while I leave.

All I was getting on the walkway was “good morning sir, pls can I help you carry your bag downstairs”? Sure, with all pleasure.

I got to the receptionist and handed over the card to her and bid her goodbye. Just before I opened the glass door, She asked I should please hold on let them check my room and be sure everything was in order.

I was a bit upset, like these guys felt I could steal their towels or tv remote or just anything in the room. Big boy like me?

Well, I waited.

After few minutes, the other guy came back and handed me a small book that had inside it a small paper which I opened and saw #38000.

I’m not understanding sir, what’s this? I didn’t order any food nor drink from you so, what’s the bill for? Oga said it’s for the Baileys, shortbread, Pringles, mini Best, orijin bitters and sprite I took from the fridge.

At this time I was already sweating in my armpit.🥺🥺

Who send me?

But I thought it was inclusive in my hotel bill?

He said no sir with a soft smile, very mischievous smile. At this time, I didn’t know the one that was making me more angry, his smile or the fact that they didn’t explain this thing well for me at least before opening the room. Ndia akowatalu’m ifa ofuma.🥺🥺

Na how I take pay unplanned 38k on a faithful morning. Money wey I for give my wife for 38 pots of soups.

Well, I learned.

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