Why Gen Z Likes Apostle Selman

A lot of young people in Nigeria today (millennials and Gen Z) are disillusioned and disconnected from God and religion.

This disillusionment is the reason why a greater number of young people in Lagos, for instance, don’t go to church, even though they were raised as Christians.

Even speaking for myself, at one point in my life, I thought about identifying as an atheist, but I had to discard the thought because I believe there is a supreme being who exists, but I struggled to connect with the religion that we are practicing in Nigeria today.

The reason for the mass disillusionment is not far-fetched.

These young people have watched their parents over the years.

Their parents were pastors, deacons, evangelists and God’s servants.

Our parents went to church, four days a week and then on Friday for the night vigil.

They woke them up every morning by 5:00 a.m. for family morning prayer.

For all this fervor and dedication by their parents to God,

The outcome of their parents’ lives did not change that much.

They grew up in lack and so much poverty, even though their parents loved God and taught them to love God too.

They saw their parents struggling to provide food at the table and to pay their shcool fees.

The one that broke their spirit was when the landlord, who does not believe in this their parents God, threw away their properties on the street because the parents could not pay rent.

Where is this their parents’ Gods?

Is it really existing?

How come He cant see that Daddy can’t pay rent?

These young ones ask in their innocent minds?

They saw their friends in school, who are not as religious as they are, but their parents are more richer and prosperous than their own parents.

These kids are now older.

They now make their own income and take decisions about their lives.

They go to church for the answers to their place in the world and the reason why their parents struggled all through, even though they love God.

The only answer the church could give them was to keep paying tithes, once you pay tithe and give to God, everything will be fine but they were not convinced or impressed.

This was the same teaching that kept their parents down in lack and poverty for years.

Emeke’s father is a nominal Christian who does not even have time to go to church on Sunday, but he is a wealthy man.

He is a wealthy man, but he still does not pay tithe.

Is his own God different?

To cover up for their inadequacies, these parents, who could not provide answers to the deep questions being asked by their kids, had to brainwash them into believing that Emeka’s dad is occultic and that is why he is prospering while they are in perpetual lack.

Some kids were convinced that Emeka’s dad was occultic, while others were not, as they kept asking questions to which nobody could provide answers.

Still, they are not convinced in their hearts that the God that their parents revere is the real God, hence the reason why they lost interest in religion and going to church.

Now enter Apostle Joshua Selman, who grew up in such a background where his parents loved God but were poor all through the time he was with them.

Apostle’s mission is to revive a generation love for God and he knew he can’t a succeed with this mandate by rehearsing the old worn out line:

Go and pay your tithe and every thing will be fine.

He started searching for the probing questions that nobody could answer for him as a child why majority of Christians during his time as a young child were poor.

Having found the answers himself, his mission and mandate were to provide the answers these young people were asking for.

In his wisdom, he discovered that this world is a world controlled by men, and if you are to prosper, you need to understand the system and the institutions that made Emeka’s dad a rich man, even though he was tagged an occultic man by those who are reminded of their broader failures by his success.

For you to prosper as a young person, wherever you are, you need people who Apostle calls destiny helpers and divine connectors for you to soar and make meaning out of your life.

You also need “burden bearers, which are people who, though they are beneficiaries of your generosity in the past, will be there for you in your days of adversity

But for all these to be true in your life, you need to be a man of excellence and valuable.

Then you need gifted people to run your business if you are entrepreneurial.

And then, the only way you can escape poverty is through investment and paying attention to your finance.

Our parents never paid attention to their finance.They were trusting God for increament without knowing what to do because nobody told them.

Nobody told them that they need to buy

Treasury Bills

Buy Land, Properties

Buy Mutual Funds

Buy Commercial Papers

Buy ETFs, Index Funds

Buy Stocks

Buy #Bitcoin or Etherum if they want to be rich as Emeka’s dad.

Or start a business that provides value for the community where they live for them to be able to escape poverty.

They were only told to pay tithe and then keep coming on Saturday to clean the house of God for our mothers.

And that is all that they need to prosper.

But in today’s world, this is not enough.

Nobody told them that they need to do something to make their money work for them.

God is not magician and paying of tithe does not multiply money.

Because our parents did not understand these things, they did not court relationships with people outside their church circle or with non church members, which explains why they have struggled all their lives because the church members who are their friends are in the same place of lack as them

Because they don’t understand they need gifted people to run the small family business, they went to bring relatives from the village to run it, but those relatives stole them dry, and that is why the family business has been stunted and has refused to scale.

Apostle Selman empathized on relationship and networking, so much, many of us were reminded that the church did not teach it to our parents, but rather told them that people who did not share the same faith with them were worldly people and not good enough for them to associate with them, quoting biblical scriptures to justify it but not knowing that our world does not work that way.

Because men rule our world, it’s possible that the person you once thought was too worldly and carnal to be friends with will actually change your life forever though one signature.

You need men to rise.

God blessing comes through men to men.

You need men to be the first person in your family to be a millionaire, changing the narrative of generational curses of poverty and lack.

You need men to push your business forward, and for that, your business to scale.

Even in the United States, which is considered the number one country in the world, you need men to play at a certain level and to grow your business at a certain level too because, at the end of the day, our world is a world ruled by men and not angels.

One thing about Apostle Joshua Selman’s message is that it is sector-agonistic, and no matter your position in life, Apostle Selman has a message that can save your business or change your life forever.

I started listening to him this month, and my life has not been the same. And I will beg you to do the same in your free time.

Your life this year will never be the same and I promise you that you will end this year with a result.

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