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    Why Do Some People Want To Cancel Yousef For A Careless Statement? (BBNaija)

    Someone is on my wall trying to push for Can. cel Culture on Yousef.

    You are here trying to in.c.ite people to can.cel him.

    You want to cancel someone for saying a st.up.id thing?

    He didn’t r.a.p.e. He didn’t m.ole.st…

    BBNaija Yousef

    He simply said something cringey on his first day at the #BBNaija house.

    Probably nerves. Probably beauty privilege.

    Probably good ol’ id.io.cy.

    But you are championing for his entire brand to be can.cell.ed based on that.

    It is not enough that you have can.celled him in your own circle…

    You have the audacity to come here and try to make it seem as if our silence on the issue would mean that we support the issue.

    You people are m.a.d.

    You are so st.upi.d and there’s nobody in your kinsmen to tell you.

    Let me say that again… Ori e buru.

    You want us to cancel a guy for bragging that he did not take advantage of a situation that this society commonly take advantage of.

    He said a stu.pid thing.

    He goofed big time.

    But he did not support pae.dop.hilia. He simply presented a decent act as something worth celebrating.

    It is that presentation of basic decency as something worthy of an applause that should be condemned, not you pushing for his erasure.


    You really want to can.cel a dude for not being bri.ght?

    I think someone of you are so lost in the a.n.u.s of woke culture that you need to find oxygen, urgently!

    You are inhaling s.h.i.t.

    Think, for godssake.

    What did Yousef really do?

    He made a st.upid point.

    What should you do?

    You can decide not to vote for him.
    You can decide not to ever mention him in your space during the show.

    But you want everyone to can.cel him because you are woke and your eyeballs are stiff.

    Do it at your own time and on your own wall.

    You can’t influence me.

    Don’t ever stress me again.

    PS: This is NOT an invitation for fans of Yousef to come here and whitewash him.

    Don’t try it.

    Just getat.

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