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Why Do People Hate Okra Soup So Much?

“I don’t eat okra soup outside, ewww”
“I don’t eat okra soup outside, ewww”

It’s how we’ve come to associate this one of a kind soup with poor hygiene.
When it concerns ‘draw soup’ every akpa dirty proudly wears their germophobe badge.

The other day in the bbnaija house, Phyna and some of the kitchen girls had to propose the idea of cooking draw soup in the House of Assembly, before it was prepared.

So much hassles over one soup.
Just because they feared it wasn’t going to be accepted publicly.

Meanwhile, I found it ironic that a set of housemates with a habit of talking carelessly over an open pot of food, spewing out saliva like missiles, with loose hair, bared chests, and half-covered yanshes in the kitchen, could be so mindful of okra soup hazards.

But let us continue to demonize draw soup, even on reality TV.
Describe it like filth, dear self-righteous Nigerians.

Egusi, I guess, is the chosen one. The neater soup that makes it to the menu of all public gatherings, while Okra soup is exclusively reserved for trusted hands at home.

And I always laugh, because one would think ofe Egusi doesn’t have a preparation process carried out by human beings, who may be negligent with hygiene.

By the way, it’s like you pipu don’t know that they don’t wash unpeeled Egusi seeds, abi? I mean, who does?
As e dey open 24/7 for basin for potopoto Mile 12 market, naso e dey enter pot wham! You chop am finish, all the worms for your belle go shout hallelujah.

The grinding process nko? Let’s not even go there or should we?
Most Nigerians out of laziness have never washed the insides of their egusi grinders, which have been caked with fermented Egusi particles from 1995 to date.

Yet, when you hear of draw soup, you imagine the grimy hands of the devil chopping the okra.
You never talk wetin dey worry you.

BTV reporting.

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