Why Do People Always Fail To Give D’Prince His Flowers For First Signing Rema?

Each time Rema achieve something great , any people praise Don Jazzy- Marvin Record more than D’Prince -Jonzing World .

D’Prince the kid brother of Don Jazzy created Jonzing World on March 22, 2019 and signed his first artist Rema , D’Prince later attached Jonzing World to Marvin’s Record because he believed his elder brother Don Jazzy will push Rema better. Fast forward to 2023 Rema has achieved a lot globally but the public give 100 credit to Don Jazzy forgetting D’Prince the first destiny helper .

D’Prince and Don Jazzy so far have no dispute over Rema , my concern is that the public should not forget Jonzing World when praising Marvin’s Record.

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