“Who carry pastor go club?” – Drama as Pastor loses voice after walking into nightclub

An unidentified Pastor has recently become the subject of widespread discussion after entering a nightclub.
The circumstances surrounding the pastor’s entry into the club remain uncertain, but it is alleged that he arrived uninvited with the intention of spreading the word of God and winning souls.

However, upon entering and witnessing the lively atmosphere with young individuals indulging in varying activities, the pastor was left speechless and unable to utter a word.

In the viral video attached to this post, the pastor, dressed in traditional attire, clung onto his microphone, displaying a mix of shock and surprise. Instead of offering assistance to the man of God, young men in the club were seen celebrating and dancing to the music blasting from the speakers.
In response to the incident, a concerned individual took to the comments section, questioning, “Who carry pastor go club?”


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