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What The Dark Straight Line On Pregnant Women’s Belly Means

The dark line on pregnant women’s belly means the Linear nigra. In some cases called Pregnancy line. Around 80% of pregnant ladies will see the Linear nigra structure during pregnancy.

The linear Nigra is a Latin term which literally mean ‘Black line’. It is the name used to describe the dark vertical line which often appears on the abdomen of pregnant women around the middle of their pregnancy.

There are a modest bunch of irregular characteristics that individuals swear can decide the orientation of a pregnant individual’s child. Some of them appear to be illogical for instance, in the event that a pregnant individual hungers for sweet varieties over pungent ones, they are purportedly having a young lady.

There’s nothing you can do to prevent the pregnancy line. It is a natural part of pregnancy. The goodnews is that it usually lessen or fade away shortly after the birth of the baby. One may think the dark line running up your stomach is unsightly. Linear nigra is harmless.

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