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Welcome To Influencer Age In Nigeria

It’s a good thing that IG and TikTok are helping people launch their careers.
I appreciate the massiveness of content creators in the Nigerian social media space.

However, the downside is that Nigerian events haven’t been the same in recent years.
IG influencers and TikTok stars have come to dominate and we will deal.

A movie/music event for example, would see more IG influencers, Twitter personalities, reality stars, models and socialites than the main stars in those fields.

Funny thing is that these guys would make sure to slay in their modafukin outfits like they own the day.
I mean, haute couture Oscar award-like gowns needing assistance to walk in.

Gone are the days where sublevel celebrities came through the corners.
These days, it’s like they throw the gates wide open for them.
A James Brown can audaciously dazzle on the same red carpet as the heavyweights in the entertainment industry.
Even these gate crashers sometimes get more press than the TV celebrities and the event combined.

Yes, it’s an era where influencers are fast taking centre stage.

Though I can’t hate on their hustle for visibility, it’s one of the reasons I don’t particularly care for our events and award shows, regardless of the glitz and glamour.
They’re no longer electrifying.

Another batch of graduating BBN stars added to the other hundreds; you can guess what that means for upcoming social events.

I would continue to miss the old all-star gatherings.
Nothing compares to the joy of seeing actual Nollywood stars and those in the music industry link up in one space and be 90% of the attendees.

Sometimes we blame the big guys for not attending award shows anymore.
We forget that most of them built their names through sheer grit, and may be bothered about congregating with hordes of reality stars and skit makers, whose celebrity status were built by numbers and blue ticks.

The fact that they display love and Insha Allah towards them on IG doesn’t mean they want these newbies swarming around them at events, or upstaging them as is the case these days.
There’s that undeniable ego.
I would feel that way too.

BTV reporting

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