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    WASTED EFFORTS? Hilda Baci Didn’t Set A Record Of 100 Hours Cooking, See The ONLY Guinness World Record She BROKE

    Popular Nigerian chef Hilda Baci is currently the talk of the internet as she is announced as the new holder of the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual.

    Recall that the celebrity chef has been trending for some days now, and she got more fame from the journey she embarked on that brought Nigeria to the world.

    In relation to that, Hilda Baci is finally certified by the Guinness World Record for cooking tirelessly for 93 hours and 11 minutes.

    Although Nigerians are in a joyful mood, some people are wondering why she is not certified that she cooked for 100 hours.

    The explanation is that there is a miscalculation that occurred due to the 5-minute break that participants are allowed to take during the cooking marathon. So they decided to do the adjustment when reviewing it.

    Trust Nigerians as many already reacted;

    @Sam, “And it is yet to be broken!!

    Cos wetin Dammy dey do no be em at all. Turning off the gas and leaving the scene for hours to sleep and charging people for the food e. t. c. Congratulations Hilda, for everything there is time and season, I hope we all have learnt from this…. may our effort not be wasted in Jesus name. Oh thankyou Jesus! This is the best news I’

    ve heard today. I’m so happy for her.

    @Adeboye, Imagine she didn’t have the intention of breaking the earlier record with a great space, she would have ended not breaking the record

    I’m so happy for her. Congratulations to Hilda Baci Duah from Ghana for this achievement Ghanaians and the entire Africa continent is proud of you. At last we have seen the long awaited result we can now rest. My small thoughts

    Hilda baci has taking the Guinness world record,, chef dammy will take Malta Guinness Record, congratulations to dem

    Dee Win.”

    @Amu, “I hear chef dami has suppased this record how true is it, will she be recognized by the guinness world record as well? Congratulations our very own girl, Hilda Bassey. The green land is proud of you for not just attempting, but also breaking through. Indeed, a Culinary Queen.. Such a great Feat, Congratulations Hilda… over to you now Dammy..”

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