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Warri Pikin Takes Kids On A Vacation To London


You’ll think the 3rd girl by the right is her biological daughter but she’s not. Warri Pikin is such a sweet soul and must be celebrated.

The girl’s name is Stella Fedode, she was brought in by Warri Pikin’s mother to serve as a domestic help to Warri Pikin, along the line, Warri Pikin completely took her in as her own child even went to the extent of changing her surname from Fedode to Asuoha because of the circumstances surrounding her birth (story for another day). The young Stella is now a child content creator alongside Warri’s kids and a full member of the Warri Pikin’s family.

How many people will take their domestic help as their own child in this country? The girl goes to same school as her children, eat same food, water and wears quality clothes Warri Pikin’s children wears. Now they’ve gone to London for vacation and she also went with them. Most families will either send their domestic help home or ask them to stay back while traveling within the country not to talk of outside country. Warri Pikin is the real MVP and deserves to be treasured because this is rare in our kind of society.

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