Big Brother Titans 2023

Venita Is Goading Ilebaye For A Fight

Venbitter has continued to goad Baye all around the house, many hours after their fight and even after the Power Oil task, Agbaya Venbitter is still spoiling for a fight with Baye.

Anywhere she comes across Baye she insults her/ makes snide & triggering remarks. These statements are infuriating Baye and she is struggling to keep calm.

Baye asks that Housemates rest for 2hrs 30mins, after which they can pick up where they left off on their task.

Venbitter says she will be eating her own food in that 2hrs 30mins time, so that she can show some people that she too can decide not to contribute to a task.

She throws in some insulting words to the mix.. Normal Venbitter as we all know, her fight does not come to an end ..

An upset Baye was speaking with Ceece about it in the HOH lounge.

Baye: She is now doing the same thing that she does to Doyin. When Doyin will pass and she will make side comments. Now I know how it feels. She did it to me when I went for battery change

Ceece: Ignore. Baye Ignore, it’s not easy to ignore but you have to

Me: This life na turn by turn. When Doyin put Venita in her place the night she was evicted, Baye had the guts to tell Alex that she thinks that Doyin’s words were too harsh.🤣🤣🤣

They say na who wear the shoes, knows where it pinches. You didn’t know what Doyin was passing through at the hands of Venita because she stood up for you and you really didn’t care to know.

She even said to Alex that she didn’t ask Doyin to stand up for her, which is true though. So atleast now, she gets a chance to stand up for herself and experience the heat Doyin shielded her from.

I smiled at that statement: “Now I know how it feels”. May God help us not to be insensitive to those who bear our burdens.

Baye should brace up oo.. Till Venbitter gets evicted on Sunday, she will continue goading her back to back. Anywhere she sees her she will make snide and insulting remarks. Na so the go dey go when you have a fight with Venbitter. She would make your living space a living hell..until you run m@d!!

Doyin endured this for weeks non-stop. Back to back to back to back.

For those who kept saying Doyin and Venbitter are the same thing. I shake my head and laugh out loud. You lot do not know nothing..

There was never any similarity whatsoever in those 2 girls. But that is not the point of the post Sha.

Doyin was not loved by a lot of you, so you chose to be blind to the evil Venbitter was dishing out to her..

Baye is loved by a lot of you, so for the first time, you are just about to understand who Venbitter is..Except Baye goes to beg her as usual.

But it has to be said, that it is such a shame, if you can only see wrong when it is done to someone you like / care about.

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