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To Be Employed, You Have To Create Value

I know emotional blackmail or manipulation is a thing with Nigerians…

But please try not to say you need a job because you are hungry.

Your hunger is valid. But nobody hires you for the primary purpose of feeding you.

There’s CSR for that.

I don’t know any entrepreneur who gives jobs from a place of pity.

There’s no sustainable growth from of a place of basic needs.

Pushing that narrative of personal poverty to get a job is such a selfish thing.

Businesses require VALUE.

Try as much as your Nigerian spirit can allow not to push your qualities or qualifications based on your need for pity.

Pity is such a turn off.

“I am a single mother like you. Please help me with a job.”

“Please patronise a young woman who is taking care of her family of six children and one lazy husband.”

“Please I want to leave Mushin and upgrade to yada-yigi, I need a job.”

This is not how to get people’s attention.

It doesn’t even make sense.

If you have a skill, communicate it properly and leave it at that.

You are not as helpless as you think you are. And frankly, caring about your “need to feed” is such a basic requirement that shouldn’t find its way into any conversation that requests for employment or collaboration.

Why should anyone care about your personal issues? Do you know what they are going through?

You are strangers. You meet on a social platform…

What binds you is VALUE.

Life is all about VALUE.

If you want food to eat, wait for giveaway.

If you want to add value, look for a job or collaboration.

Stop living like an afterthought, abeg.

It’s annoying.

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