Timaya Lambasts Upcoming Artistes

Timaya said “ Music in our days wasn’t even like this . You did not have to wait for a record label to sign you before you start working . There were no sponsors but for the love of music we kept going . What am i saying ? Young talents don’t have to wait for a label to come to them . Keep working , if you dream big , you won’t submit to just any kind of label . Every label owner wants to make profits and they will use you in a way that you might not even be comfortable with it . You might cry and no one hears you, you might even lose everything. Just like business people start small and grow big, you can start small and grow too . “

This is more than truth , many young talents are not even concerned about succeeding anymore . They just believe if this or that label signs them they’ll grow . Have you ever asked yourself what the label stands to get from you ? Do you think someone will put in so much money and might not make life uncomfortable for you ?

Truth is young kings and queens can make it , start small and keep going . If you are talented , study music business , invest the little you got and stay consistent .

I can’t count the number of messages in my inbox begging me to link them up to Don Jazzy or Olamide. Whenever I see those messages, I do laugh. You are looking for Olamide to sponsor your music career but you don’t have a single song you have recorded by yourself. You don’t even have a Facebook business page. You are still using your normal Facebook profile. How can someone believe you are serious?

You claim you don’t have money to record a song but the truth of the matter is that no one can give you money to record a song. Go and get a pidgin hole save and start dropping at least #500 inside the save everyday. Within 5 months, you can realize money to record your song in a nearby studio. When the song is ready, it can only cost you #5,000 to place your song in online streaming platforms. Then start promoting your song and make sure your

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