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    The Titanic Is A Sad Tale

    I got a little bit obsessed with the titanic after the implosion of the submarine. So I was doing a bit of reading over the last few weeks. And some of the articles I read from 1912 sent chills down my spine. The movie could not capture the horror that happened on that day. And Cameron made a choice not to traumatize people even further.

    One thing that stands out to me is I am not sure we are using the universe the way it was intended to be used.

    We are so focused on money – which is a social construct. All the elements of the world does not care about how much or how little you have.

    At the end of the day, when push comes to shove, all the money in the world can’t save us.

    For many weeks after the titanic sank, the bodies of several millionaires was floating on the ocean.

    They could not gather all the bodies together. Eye witnesses on other ships were maneuvering through hundreds of bodies in the water.

    Many of the bodies were in expensive dinner wears with golds and diamonds on them.

    There were also bodies of staffs who tried to steal some gold and jewelry as the ship was sinking hoping they might survive and make it to newyork.

    The ship was divided by class. Rich people were kept separately from the poor.

    After the titanic sank, both the rich and the poor floated endlessly for weeks. Many left to decompose and sink under the ocean as the recovery process was exhausting.

    There was a body of a woman hugging her dog stiff as stone. There was a body of a woman hugging a baby less than 6 months old stiff as stone. Both women were in first class.

    About 30 minutes before the ship went under, they kept sending distress signals to all the ships on the ocean. Most of these ships received the signal and turned around to help the Titanic. But none of them got there in time.

    One particular ship kept asking over and over again, Titanic, are you there, we are coming full speed. We are coming full speed. Unfortunately they arrived 30 minutes late as everyone had died of hypothermia.

    The one that shocked me the most was the life boat from the titanic that managed to get out.

    They had room for only a few more people. But they left.

    After the titanic went under, they could hear people screaming, babies crying, dogs barking, everyone in the water crying for help. But they knew they couldn’t go back. Because it was a small boat, if they had gone back, the people in the water would have overwhelmed the boat. So they waited until almost everyone had died.

    And the one that finally shocked me was a life boat that managed to get off the ship before it went under. This particular boat was filled with 8 first class passengers. 4 men with their wives.

    Unfortunately the life boat didn’t make it out on time. It capsized. When they found the bodies of their wives, they saw marks on their arms. Marks that shows the men were trying to save their wives and push them overboard even as they themselves were sinking and dying of hypothermia.

    There are over 200 bodies that are trapped in the ship that never made it out.

    There are lots of gold and diamonds still on that ship.

    There is a room in the ship that is airtight and water tight. Anything stuck in that room would remain as is.

    For many weeks after the titanic sank, people who were on other cruise ships were scared for their lives.

    If you have ever seen an ocean liner, you know these ships are cities on water. The Royal Caribbean is the size of a small city. We have come so far as a specie to be able to build these amazing structures.

    But at the end of the day, none of it matters.

    When the earth is ready for us, she will swallow us whole. Every single one of us.

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