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    The Rich Are Actually Getting Richer And The Poor Poorer

    A friend of mine that is a car dealer told me some weeks ago that sales has been very poor. That is sales for cheaper models. He then said that sales for cars above 80m have been great. So he has more clients in the high end that still have plenty of money.

    A client put me in a very expensive hotel. Very expensive. I wanted a room for a friend that wished to spend time there…. Fully booked. We called 5 more high end hotels… all fully booked.

    On an international flight to Lagos, the business class was filled. No space.

    Yet, expenses are higher. Yet household income has shrunken. Yet poverty is on the rise. But yet .. high end celebrations are more frequent.

    How do you explain this? What is the economic term for the rich having more and the poor suffering more in a period of what is supposed to be more poverty?

    I told a friend that serviced middle income clients to move higher up. Middle class will “pretend” to be rich… they will spend more on food, school fees and such. Change a lot of their money to Fx. Until…

    The rich… still living large. Still spending. If you dey sell goods … find dem…

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