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The Queen Will Be Buried Tomorrow

Over 500 heads of states, monarchs, and prime ministers are scheduled to attend Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral in Westminster Abbey on Monday.

The US president, Joe Biden, is leading the rest of the world’s leaders to the funeral of the UK’s beloved departed Monarch.

This is a mega funeral and, sadly for our generation, this is the last time we will experience and witness a mega funeral like hers, a powerful gathering of world leaders under one roof for the funeral of one person.

The last time something like this happened was when Nelson Mandela was buried. 115 heads of states came to Nelson Mandela’s funeral in 2013, and 75 other states sent delegations.

No living world leader at the moment has the capacity, charisma, grace, and pulling power to draw or inspire world leaders, which includes a sitting US president, to his or her burial again.

Not even Prince Charles, the current king of the United Kingdom, has such pulling power.

This shows that the quality of leadership we have at the moment all over the world is below par and uninspiring.

Truly, the passing of Queen Elizabeth is the end of an era as my generation will not see anything close to her again in our lifetime.

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