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“Thank you for your 18years of services”-Woman showers praises on her husband’s manhood (Video)

A video of a woman appreciating her husband’s manhood has surfaced online.

In the video, the woman made her husband stand while she sat directly facing his manhood, pointing at it and Appreciating it.

She thanked his manhood for Eighteen years of service to her saying:

“I want to honour you today, oh now I couldn’t kneel before you because you Know your girl gets excited and likes the Mic check. But I want to thank you for your 18years of services, 3 years of those being a fornicative fantasy, 15 of those years being marital bliss. You have stretched me in ways that I never thought could be stretched with your hardwork and dedication. You and your two disciples have spread the love of Jesus all across. You have made me call on the name of Lord several times. You have been places no man has ever gone before. Thank you for bringing me to the land of milk and honey”.

Watch video below:

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