Tems Really Deserve Her BET Awards And Popularity

Maybe you didn’t pay attention to the moment Tems was announced 2022 Best International Act at the BET Awards.
Revisit the video clip.
Everyone was up on their feet applauding her.

Note that not all artistes that night got an electrifying standing ovation during their award presentations.

The way she affected the crowd says a lot.

I once made a post about how Tems has penetrated the American market and is fast becoming a household name over there.

The day two American Youtubers I watch mentioned in passing a Nigerian girl’s song they listen to during their shows, going on to sing a few of her tracks just like true fans, I was like, “our own Tems?”
“How did she arrive there so fast?”

So the joke is on those who keep attributing her stardom to ‘Essence’ and Wizkid.
Well, I do agree that their collab did a lot for her, but Tems actually set the ball rolling by virtue of her uniqueness.

After all, Wizkid’s Made In Lagos album had international features with big names like Ella Mai, H.E.R, Skepta and Damian Marley.
You’d think these heavyweight features would be the album’s major selling point.
You’d think it’d be the 1st, 2nd, heck, the 3rd single that would catapult the album.
Alas! It was the 4th single off the album with Tems that did the magic.

If anything, she came through for him. Wizkid FC will not agree though.
But that’s besides the point.

I think people just appreciate Tems’ alté sound.
I think people see her as this regular girl who isn’t trying too hard to fit into music marketing trends.
A flawed singing voice, yet unmistakably hers and not like anyone else.
Maybe these distinct qualities are her appeal.

And one more reason to love her is her ability to act like a lady amidst all the accolades and heavy international attention.
We can’t say the same for some of your male faves.

Congrats Temilade Openiyi.

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