Big Brother Titans 2023

Team Angel Get In Here. It Seems We Are Shipping Cross. (#BBNaija)

What is the name of awa ship ooo…不不不
Alright.. I wasn’t kidding you when I told y’all that Angel just landed a ship.
Angel & Cross have always been great friends..
They banter nicely…
Angel is able to share a lot with Cross..
And what I love most about this ship is that it’s a ship of truth…
They both disclosed the HMs they were sexually attracted to in the house..
While Angel says she has only ever been sexually attracted to Cross, Cross on the other hand is sexually attracted to 5 women and they arrived at the names together:
That said Cross has always had a soft spot for
Angel. He understands her significantly and has stood up for her more times than she has any idea about.
Have you seen Cross & Angel on the dance floor? They are fire休休, you can cut the sexual tension with a knife..
If you recall, I kept telling you guys that at the last Saturday party, Sammie had to drag Cross off Angel…
Cross has a great vibe.. He is a super fun Housemate who is very respectful of himself and others…
#TeamAngie we dey complain since say our babe no dey talk.. Who Wudaf tot, that as awa geh open mouth Waaaa .. Na to Land SHIP!!!不 Ewooo!!! Angel Spices.. dont play!!!
In this video.. Cross tells her that he read her diary and understands that she’s been through a lot.
He promises that he will always protect her and never let her go through what she experienced with Sammie ever again.
Guess what?
I believe Cross…
He is a special kinda guy..
As always, I got you covered-See video below…
Who’s your real BBN plug?
Say what now???
Louder for those at the back!!!!不不不
P.S: Is the Sam… for me..不不不
She no even complete the name for her mouth… Sam

Awa shipppooooooo
Dem say Na – Angel Nailed Cross..不不不
Could Sammie Ever Could..!!!
Could Sammie Ever Could..!!!
Everything Soft..
Soft Touch..
Cross Pamper my BabyGirl Jare…
You know she needs it…

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